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Magic Knight Rayearth
Opening Theme
Sad Theme
Before a Battle

Final Fantasy VII

Opening Theme

Aeris's Theme

Battle Song

Final Battle Song

Cid Highwind's Theme

Airship's Song

Sailor Moon
Opening Theme

Opening Theme (another version)

My Heart Will Go On

Sailor Stars 1st Opening

Sailor Stars Ending Theme

Sailor Stars 2nd Opening

Outer Senshi Transformation

Sailor Starlights Theme

DeathBusters Theme

Alan's Flute

Sailor Saturn's Theme

Chrono Trigger
Theme Song

Opening Theme

Crono's Theme

Magus's Theme

Kingdom of Zeal's Song

Robo's Theme

Frog's Theme

End of Time Song

The Black Omen's Song

Sad Song

Oh My Goddess
Song 1

Song 2

Song 3

Skuld's Theme

Ranma 1/2
Don't Make Me Wild Like You

Ryoga's Theme

DragonBall & DragonBall Z
Mysterious Adventure

Cha La Head Cha La

Give A Reason

Vampire Princess Miyu
Opening Theme

Do You Remember Love?

3x3 Eyes
Opening Theme

Neon Genesis Evangelion
Thesis of a Cruel Angel

Angel Attack

Asuka's Theme

Soul Refrain

Misato's Theme

A Moment When Tension Breaks

A Step Forward Into Terror


Asuka Strikes

Barefoot in the Park

The Beast 2

Borderline Case

Both of you Dance Like you want to Win

Decisive Battle

Eva 00

Eva 01

Eva 02

Evangelion Opening 1

Evangelion Opening 3

Thesis of a Cruel Angel

Ghost In The Shell
Opening Theme

Macross Plus

Last Unicorn
Opening Theme

Opening Theme

Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy III

Record Of Lodoss War
Opening Theme

Galaxy Express 999
Opening Theme

X 1999
Art For Life




Forever Love(ending song)

Forever Love(another version)



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