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Fuu Hououji

Almost all of the time seen with a smile on her face, Fuu has a smart very logical mind, being of kind nature, she seldom gets angry. At times, she states things with a morbid sense of humor, and has the tendency of pointing out the obvious (after Mokona was ran over by a stampede of animals, her remark was: "I think her eyes are spinning" while Umi answered somewhat angrily "Really you think?". At this time she's in love with Ferio, though she blushes when asked about that. Her name (Fuu Houoji) means Wind of the Phoenix Temple. Also she adresses everyone (even her enemies) with unfailing politeness (like mokona san).

Birthday: December 12

Constellation: Sagittarius

Favorite Food: Tessa (thin raw blowfish slices)

Age: 14

Blood Type: A


Iyashi no kaze (Healing Wind)

Midori no shippu (Green Storm)

Imashime no kaze (Guardian Wind)